Zhejiang University

Introduction of Zhejiang University


   Located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang University is a prestigious institution of higher education. In its 124-year history, Zhejiang University has always been committed to cultivating talent with excellence, advancing science and technology, serving for social development, and promoting culture, with the spirit best manifested in the university motto “Seeking the Truth and Pioneering New Trails”. Rich campus culture, advanced teaching facilities and a wide range of international exchanges create favorable conditions for students’ development.

    Zhejiang University focuses on assiduous study and research, and science and technological innovation. It has launched a number of international high-end academic platforms and gathered masters, scholars and high-level research teams in various disciplines.

    Zhejiang University is striving to build itself into an innovative comprehensive research university with a world-class status. Zhejiang University will be dedicating itself to creating and disseminating knowledge, inheriting and advancing civilization, serving and leading the society, and promoting national prosperity, social development and human progress.

Seven Campus of Zhejiang University


Zijingang Campus is located at the north-west of the city, being the main campus of Zhejiang University. The administration offices of 4 Faculties 11 schools are located in this campus. Zijingang Campus has now buildings of 600,000 square meter floor space, accommodating the University's 23,897 first- and second-year students.


Yuquan Campus is located in the northwestern corner of the West Lake, next to the Plant Park. The administration offices of 3 Faculties 19 schools (most of them are on science and engineering) are located in this campus.


Xixi Campus is located in the Hangzhou High Technology Development Zone, northwest of Hangzhou City. Currently in this campus, there are administration offices of 4 colleges.


Huajiachi Campus is located in the east side of Hangzhou City. In this campus, there are three national leading academic disciplines, and one national basic research and teaching personnel training base.


Zhijiang Campus is located in the south of Hangzhou City, and near the Qiantangjiang River. At present, School of Guanghua Law is located at the Campus.


Zhoushan Campus is located in Zhoushan City. Ocean College is located at the Campus.


Haining Campus is located in Haining City. To explore new models of higher education that combine the best practices of the east and west, learn from world's advanced educational experiences, and cultivate talents with innovative minds and international vision, Zhejiang University has built its International Campus here.