EM: Electric Machine Design and Analysis

a: Permanent Magnet Machines

b: Induction and Synchronous Machines

c: Linear and Special Machines

d: Transformers and Power Apparatus

e: Magnetics and Field Analysis

f: Magnetic and Insulation Materials




PE: Power Electronics and Motor Drives

a: Machine System Modeling

b: Motor Control and Motor Drives

c: Motion Control and Servo Systems

d: Sensorless Control

e: Automotive Power Electronics and Chargers

f: Power Converters and Power Supplies




EA: Electric Machine Applications

a: Renewable Energy Generation

b: Energy Storage Technologies

c: Electrified Transportation

d: Robot Systems

e: High Efficiency Fans and Pumps

f: Other Energy Conversion Technologies







PS: Power System

a: Security, Safety and Reliability of Power Systems

b: Global Energy Interconnection

c: Demand Side Management

d: Power Market, Economics and Sustainability



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