Conference Review

    2021 IEEE 4th Student Conference on Electric Machines and Systems (IEEE SCEMS 2021) was successfully held virtually, from December 2 to 3, 2021. The conference is sponsored by Zhejiang University IEEE Student Branch Industry Applications Society Chapter (IEEE IAS SBC @ ZJU); technically sponsored by IEEE Industry Applications Society (IEEE-IAS); co-sponsored by College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, People's Government of Nanxun District, Natural Science Foundation of China; co-organized by Zhejiang University-Huzhou Smart Drive Research & Development Center, Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Electrical Machine Systems, Huzhou Nanxun Jingchuan Institute of Smart Drives, Huzhou Nanxun Cooperative Innovation Center for Engineers of Smart Drives; and supported by Hangzhou Easitech company, Ningbo Hongda Motor Die company, Jiangchao Motor Technology company. The general chair of the conference is Ms. Xue-Fei Qin, a PhD student from College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University.



Conference Overview

    IEEE SCEMS is an academic conference officially recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and technically sponsored by IEEE Industry Applications Society. The conference proceeding of IEEE SCEMS 2021 will be published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, and be submitted to EI Compendex. Selected papers will be recommended for peer review for publication on IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications.

    IEEE SCEMS was founded by IEEE IAS SBC @ ZJU in 2018, which is the first student-led IEEE conference. The conference aims to provide a forum for students and youth researchers, scientists and engineers to present their latest research and development (R&D) achievements in the field of electric machines and systems.

    The topics of this conference include but are not limited to: electric machine design and analysis (EM), power electronics and motor drives (PE), electric machine applications (EA), and power systems (PS).

    The main agenda of the conference includes: opening ceremony, keynote speech session, oral sub-sessions, poster sub-sessions, and closing ceremony.



Opening Ceremony

    On the morning of December 2, the IEEE SCEMS 2021 started successfully, chaired by Xue-Fei Qin, the general chair of the conference. On behalf of the organizing team, she firstly expressed a warm welcome to the audiences both on site and online. Then she introduced the history of conference SCEMS and the development of IEEE IAS SBC @ ZJU. Xue-Fei delivered her great appreciation to the sponsors, technical sponsors, co-sponsors, co-organizers, and supporters of the conference, and hoped that the conference can provide a platform for innovation collision in the field of motor and system.

    Next, the president of IEEE Industry Applications Society, Prof. Wei-Jen Lee delivered an online welcome address. Prof. Lee first thanked the organizing committee for its outstanding contribution to this conference, then he congratulated the successful holding of IEEE SCEMS 2021, and recalled the pleasant memories of the first IEEE SCEMS. Finally, Prof. Lee sincerely hopes that the students can broaden their horizons and establish eternal friendship in this meeting, and looks forward to participating on site during the next IEEE SCEMS.

     Also, the organizing committee received an email from the past chair of the IEEE-IAS Chapters and Membership Department, Dr. Peter Magyar, who is an IEEE life fellow, IAS Director of Chapter Development since 2019. Dr. Magyar highly praised the first SCEMS, and expressed his kind greetings: "I wish you a very successful SCEMS 2021 with high level technical and a pleasant social activity."

    Then, the dean of the College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Prof. Kuang Sheng gave a welcome speech on the opening ceremony. Prof. Sheng introduced the co-sponsor of this conference, College of EE, Zhejiang University, and recalled the brilliant “CEE Centennial: Distinguished Online Seminar Series” in 2020, which is a typical case showing that the college is always dedicated to enhance international exchanges and collaboration. The College of EE keeps encouraging students to take part in international academic activities, for example the IEEE SCEMS. As the co-sponsor of this conference, the college contributed financial and administrative support in many aspects, and hopes the student participants can enjoy and benefit from the conference.

Keynote Speech Sessions

    The opening ceremony was followed by 3 keynote speeches given by the most distinguished experts in the field of electrical engineering.

    The first keynote speaker is Prof. Dong Wang from Naval University of Engineering. Prof. Wang’s topic is: “Motor system in all-electric mobile platform”. This lecture introduces the demand characteristics of all-electric mobile platforms such as all-electric vessels, all-electric vehicles, and all-electric / more-electric aircraft, summarizes the development trend and technology frontier, and discusses the key technologies and bottlenecks of the motor system in the all-electric mobile platform. His session was chaired by Prof. Jian-Xin Shen from Zhejiang University.

    The second keynote speaker is Dr. Alf Kåre Ådnanes from ABB Marine & Ports, who is the regional manager of AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa). Dr. Ådnanes’s topic is: “Sustainable Shipping — Electric Propulsion enables future proof ships with tangible benefits already now”. In his presentation, he showed how electric propulsion as we know today is a futureproofing concept, considering that ships are typically in operation for 20 or more years. Further, electric propulsion is also providing gain from day one in operation performance and economy. His session was chaired by Prof. Xiao-Yan Huang from Zhejiang University.

    The third keynote speaker is Prof. Kan Akatsu from Yokohama National University. Prof. Akatsu’s topic is: “Integration technology of electric machines and inverter system in EV”. In his presentation, he explained about some technique to integrate them in the viewpoint of the machine design, inverter design, and thermal design. His session was chaired by Prof. Yun-Chong Wang from Zhejiang University.

Oral Presentation Sessions

    On the afternoon of December 2, 39 articles were presented by the authors, which were carried out simultaneously in 3 session rooms A, B and C. Each conference room was divided into 2 time periods, with a total of 6 sessions of A1, B1, C1, A2, B2 and C2.

    Among them, Zhao-Peng Tang, Zi-Ang Zhu and Yu-Chao Fang served as the chairmen of the oral sessions A1, B1 and C1, respectively. Wen-Jie Wan, Tian-Feng He and Jin-Hui Ye served as the vice chairmen of these oral sessions, respectively. Hong-Xia Cao, Jian Chen and Zhang-Hao Huang served as the chairman of oral sessions A2, B2 and C2, respectively. Pei-Yi Li, Chao-Rui Yang and Xiao-Yi Zhuang served as the vice chairmen of these oral sessions, respectively. All the speakers gave wonderful oral presentations in the sub-sessions and answered the questions from online listeners and the chairmen.

Poster Presentation Sessions

    On the morning of December 3, 45 electronic posters were exhibited online. The 3 poster sub-sessions were carried out simultaneously in 3 session rooms. The 3 poster sessions were chaired by Jin-Hui Gao, Chen-Yue Zhang and Yu-Xin Zhang, respectively, and co-chaired by Kai Luo, Chen-Xin Jiang and Xiao-Yi Zhuang, respectively. During the exhibition, the online audience and the chairman of the branch held creative discussions with the presenters on the poster content.

    Mr. Lei Yao, the general co-chair of the conference, summarized the scale and achievements of this IEEE SCEMS: the conference received 128 abstracts from 32 universities at home and abroad, and finally accepted 84 papers, including 39 oral presentations and 45 poster presentations. In addition, the meeting also invited 3 experts from the field of EE to give keynote speeches, focusing on the key technologies in the industry, which benefited the participants a lot.

    Afterwards, Prof. Xiao-Yan Huang, the technical and publication committee (TPC) chair of the conference, announced the 6 best paper awards.

    The general chairman extended her heartfelt thanks to the 3 honorary chairs who have continuously supported the development of the conference, they are: Prof. Wei-Jen Lee, the president of IEEE-IAS, Ms. Lesley Arakkal, the president of IEEE-IAS Chapters and Membership Department (CMD), and Prof. Jian-Xin Shen from College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University.

    The honorary president of the conference, Prof. Jian-Xin Shen from College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University addressed the closing remarks of the conference. Prof. Shen introduced the origin and development of IEEE SCEMS, described the mission of the young generation, and expressed sincere wishes to all students attending the conference.

    Next, he expressed his sincere thanks to the sponsors, organizers, government, industry supporters, and of course, the student authors and their supervisors. As the honorary chair of the conference, he expressed his gratefulness to the student general chair and co-chairs of the conference, who have devoted much effort in organizing this conference, and also expressed his appreciation to the TPC chairs and members, who have contributed to the review of hundreds of digests.

    Then, the general chairman expressed her gratitude to the organizer of the conference: Zhejiang University IEEE Student Branch Industry Applications Society Chapter (IEEE IAS SBC @ ZJU). As a student community organization, they took the initiative to participate in the preparatory work of the conference, whose spirit is commendable. Their efforts have promoted academic exchange and industrial improvement in the field of electric machines and systems. She thanked all members of the Organizing Committee for their hard work and issued certificates of appreciation to the chairman and members of the organizing committee.

    Finally, Ms. Hai-Yang Tang, the chair and deputy dean of the college, expressed her thanks and recognition to the students and teachers who took part in the conference. She highly praised the successful holding of IEEE SCEMS 2021 and wish to hold an onsite meeting when the pandemic disappears.

    2021 IEEE 4th Student Conference on Electric Machines and Systems has drawn to a successful close. As the sponsor of IEEE SCEMS 2021, we hope to maintain close contact and cooperation with students and youth researchers in the future work. See you next SCEMS!

Closing Ceremony

    On the morning of December 3, the IEEE SCEMS 2021 came to a successful close. The closing ceremony was chaired by Xue-Fei Qin, the general chair.

IEEE SCEMS 2021 Successfully Held